Monadnock Center for Successful Transitions (MCST) offers resources to students and adults with a wide variety of disabilities, as well as their families. We educate employers within the community as to the most untapped, diversified, and highly marketable Individuals in our state—the qualified individual with disabilities. The connections they make have life changing results, for everyone.

Granite State Employment Project

MCST is a project of Monadnock Development Services.

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MDS is the designated Area Agency providing support and services to people with developmental disabilities in the southwestern region of NH. Since 1983, MDS has specialized in providing individuals and their families the means to live as independently as possible in their own communities.




For Employers


Hiring individuals with disabilities makes good business sense. A diverse employee population improves retention, loyalty and productivity. There are also significant federal tax credits available. When employers recognize the value that able workers, with disabilities, bring to the workplace, everyone prospers.
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For Individuals

Whether already employed or seeking a job, MCST offers resources and updates for able workers with disabilities. Find out the latest information on assistive technology, workplace accommodations and independent living through our extensive Resources pages.
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For Agencies

The best way to stay current as a service provider is to closely monitor state and federal updates, take advantage of staff training and information courses, and keep pace with industry trends. Find the resources you need in order to optimize your knowledge and enhance your connections, both professionally and within the greater community.
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For Educators


IEP Training Tools

As young people transition from high school to higher education, employment, or living independently, it is essential to encourage the development of a road map that reflects an individual’s aspirations. Educators can achieve this through knowledge of best practices in transition.
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At the Monadnock Center for Successful Transitions (MCST), our goal is to share knowledge and build awareness
of opportunities within the workforce for able workers with disabilities.

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